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FAQ's Cool answers ..!!!
Where ZaplonTech is based in ? What is the workforce ?

We are headquartered in Pune, India. Pune belongs to the state of Maharashtra and is one of the fastest growing cities. We have a very talented team of great people, a majority of which are in our headquarter in Pune.

What are your core expertise and industry experience ?

We have an extremely talented team who can build great Mobile Apps, Websites and Games. We are also into political consultancy and develop strategies for them. When we started in 3013, we began with web development. Since then, we’ve come a long way, especially since the launch of smartphones. We’ve developed very successful projects for web, mobile apps and games all these years.

Do you re-use code ?

It is a tricky question, to be honest. We do not re-use your proprietary algorithms, license keys, trade secrets, trademarks, patented processes anywhere else. However, considering the authoring process of producing the code, we do use a lot of open source libraries and our own libraries to save development time and avoid re-inventing the wheel all over again. This ensures you do not have to pay for something that can be produced quicker and with more quality.

What is your project development methodology ?

Every project is unique and requires a fresh approach, but most projects pass through the some of the most common project development steps – i.e. Requirement gathering, analysis, solution consulting, wireframe/prototyping, UI design, development, and testing. However, depending on the scope and type of the project, the sequence and selection of steps may vary.

Can you send over the resources on site for an initial startup ?

Yes, if the project requires it and where our representatives are present, we will be happy send over the resource onsite for initial startup. Nevertheless, in a case where our office is not present in your city/country and if the project is big, we may visit your place from our corporate office.

Do you work according to the client's time zone ?

Depending on the nature of the work, specific situation and in case of special meetings, we can certainly stay awake to ensure we connect during your working hours. However, we’d prefer having this be scheduled prior to the event so that we can plan our rest of the schedules accordingly.

Do you have Service Level Agreement in place ?

Yes, we do have.

What’s your pricing model ?

We have a very simple model. We work based on “Fixed Scope” model, where we give you a finite timeframe and fixed price. The second scenario is for “Evolving Scope” – where you’re not sure how big or detailed the project is going to grow. In this case, we will compose a team of different technology experts who will work with you on building project as it evolves. Since it is difficult to determine a short deadline for such projects – we charge you for each team player that is required on per month bases. In both Fixed Scope and Evolving Scope – we let you know the milestones on which you have to make payment. In most general cases, these payment milestones are tightly aligned with the delivery milestones.

How do we communicate the project development team ?

We use Basecamp for project communications. We sign you up in there and loop you in with the rest of ZaplonTech team who’s going to work on your project. Apart from basecamp – we, of course, use Email and Skype. You’ll generally discuss with a Project Manager and Tech Lead – but we’re not having constraints in case you want to speak to any member of the team who’s working on your project.

Web Development
What is the average time you take to develop a website ?

The overall time to build a website depends on several factors. The first one is the complexity of the project. A static website usually takes less time than eCommerce websites or websites that require flash development. Some minor or major changes may increase the time limit. An average time taken by our web developer for a static website will be lesser than a website with flash and other dynamic graphics. Nevertheless, to develop complex websites such as eCommerce website takes a bit more time.

What’s your USP as web Development Company ?

Our quality service at an affordable cost is our USP. We know the value of your money and hence, we work with full dedication and devotion to turn your venture into a successful one. We have a pool of experts in various technologies including PHP, Microsoft (.net), Java etc. Whether it is a simple, static website or a complex, eCommerce project, we never let our clients’ compromise with the quality. We put the same efforts and dedication into a static website as we do in a complex project. We provide efficient web development services in various top frameworks including the various open source PHP frameworks.

Do you offer mobile device compatible website ?

Of course, we do! It’s called as Responsive Web Designing. Our experts have hands-on latest technology based on HTML5 and CSS3. We develop eye-catching and graphically convincing web designs that fit even on mobile devices. Nevertheless, you may have to specify this in your objectives before the project begins.

What design options you provide ? Do you provide templates as options ?

Yes, we do provide a few options. However, we encourage our buyers to be precise in their requirement and elements on the website depending upon what, we develop a few options. This saves time and money and fastens the process of web development.

How many changes I can make during the website development ?

Generally, no company provides you with this. But ZaplonTech offers a couple of changes during website development other than the objectives specified. Nevertheless, we firmly suggest discussing and defining the scope and elements before the project begins. This saves time, resources and money.

Do you provide web hosting as well ?

Yes, we do provide web hosting.

What is open source ? What is the difference between open source and MS tech (.net) ?

Open source denotes to apps development wherein the coders can access and alter the source code. MS Technology (.net) is a commercial source with limitations on code use, change, and distribution. Open sources are free to download (and so low in cost) and have good community support.

What is a static/dynamic website ? Which one suits me ?

A static website is coded entirely with HTML where every webpage is a separate document without any database or external file to depend. Said this, the only way to edit such page is editing each page separately. A dynamic website has complex code like PHP or ASP with a greater degree of functionality such as integrated with a content management system. This has a database and other source support. In this, you can update web pages without having knowledge of HTML or software. It solely depends upon your project type and the purpose. While fixed websites (that don’t require much data to be drawn from external sources) are better developed in static, others are good in dynamic.

What are the cloud services ?

Cloud computing is having specific data you require ready for use anytime from anywhere. For this, data should be transportable and mobile. The purpose of cloud services is to synchronize data among several devices and fast access. As of now, we don’t provide cloud services but we certainly develop mobile and web applications that are cloud compatible. You may mention this while developing an app and we take care of it.

If I have eCommerce to develop, what’s your recommendation and why ?

eCommerce requires special coding and huge flexibility. We recommend closed or paid sources (such as over open source technology for several reasons, security and flexibility being a major concern.

What is CMS ? Do I require it ?

Content Management System is a software package, which makes the maintenance of websites in a more systematic way. The owner can manage their websites without any help. In case you want multiple users with multiple roles for your website, CMS is recommended.

What is a portal ? What are the benefits ?

A web portal is a basically a website that uniquely fetches data from various sources. Generally, every information source has its own section on the webpage to display info. These days, revolutionary changes in technologies have made portals rendering greater benefits. Portal promises to deliver a more consistent and logical info management platform. As a result of this, it is a more user-oriented approach for better accessibility.

Mobile Development
What is the difference between Native App and Web-Based App ?

Native apps are built for specific platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc.). They are built using platforms’ native SDK and development platforms and are able to use some of the specific features of device – e.g. Camera, Volume controller, speaker etc. The web-based apps (also web-apps) run within the mobile browser and are virtually webpages that imitate the look of a native mobile UI. Such apps are advantageous over native apps as they give the same user-experience on different smartphones. However, they can’t use some features of devices like native apps.

Do you develop a mobile app for all platforms ?

Yes, we build mobile applications for all major mobile development platforms. You can hire our developers for developing an app for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. Whether you want to develop apps for just one or two platforms or want to develop an app that works on all the mobile platforms, we are at your service.

What if I want changes to be made in the app once it is launched or delivered ?

If you want the changes to be made in the app, it will cost you. We recommend having the project scope defined before beginning the project to save time and money.

Do you also upload the application to the app store ?

Yes, we do at free of cost! Nevertheless, you’ll have to pay the minimum amount of charge (fees) by the main company (for example Apple AppStore Yearly charges US$99.00).

Which framework or programming language would you use to develop the application ?

The framework or programming language that we use to develop applications depends upon the chosen platform by the client. For example, for iPhone application, we use iOS SDK, Objective C, Swift, Xcode, and other tools and technologies provided by Apple. Similarly, for Android application, we use Android SDK. We expertise in frameworks of Open Source and Microsoft Technologies for Web Service and API based applications.

Do you also do marketing of Mobile apps ?

Yes, we do.

Can I make one app which would work in all platforms (like iPhone, iPad, Android, BB) ?

Yes, you can get an application that would work on all platforms. For such development, you need to go for cross-platform mobile development in which our developers use frameworks that are used to develop the main application and then deploy it across your desired platforms. For more information on our cross-platform development services, you can check out our services for cross-platform mobile development.

Do I require Hosting or Website to get a mobile application developed ?

The need for hosting or website depends on what architecture your application is using. If your application requires database and web services that connect a database to the app, you need hosting in order to manage the database and those web services. If you already have hosting infrastructure and server – we can help you utilize the same. As far as the website goes, if you need your end users to do any activity or you need a website for marketing your app, we can help you develop that as well.

Can we update the content of the application after it's built ?

You may! Nevertheless, this may be chargeable.

What are web services / API ?

Unlike web apps, mobile apps do not have access to remote databases. In order to fetch the data from the servers, an alternative service is needed. Web services or APIs are that alternatives. By creating XML/JSON files from the database, we can use data from these files for user application.

Can we use Flash ?

No. Flash is not supported on any iOS device. The support for flash is going to be discontinued from Adobe (who owns flash now) for mobile devices. Also, the flash is very rapidly being replaced by core SDK capabilities and HTML5.

Do you get my app listed under “New and Noteworthy” ?

Well, who doesn’t want to be there in that spot? Saying that it totally depends on how cool is your app idea, as well as the app as one solid product. Apparently, it is all up to Apple and Google staff when it comes to selecting an app to feature there. But having a great concept put together well increases your changes. So, it is not just us, however, our role could be significant in having you take your app to that place.